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360in360 Teleporter Virtual Tours

360in360 Teleporter Tours supporting Local Culture, Heritage, Tourism, Enterprise and Community Development

360in360 Teleporter Tours provide a rich, interactive immersive experience based on a blend of 360 degree images and videos with linked inforrmation, text and navigation buttons. We can create these virtual tours for you or train you on how to create the tours for yourself. Click here for examples of 360in360 Teleporter Tours

Click here to visit a simple example of a virtual tour experience based on Milton Keynes Museum - Click here to view a more complex example of the same museum which includes images, sounds and links.

More complex interactive virtual tours can include links to videos and other media as well as text and web links. Click here for an example of a virtual heritage tour based on the area around Milton Keynes.

We can also customise quizzes based on virtual tours as a mechanism for attracting visitors and encouraging them to explore and ask questions of the guide. Click Here for a simple example based on the National Museum of Computing

360in360 Interactive Virtual Tours can also be combined with gamification elements for use in workshops, seminars and masterclasses to enhance enjoyment and engagement. Click here for an example created for a trade mission masterclass in Kuala Lumpur

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