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A School Old Boys Reunion in a Virtual cinema

COVID-19 is a massive challenge to the future of humanity. Almost literally overnight, millions of human beings have been denied the most basic of human activities – meeting, socialising, entertaining and sharing memories.

To help mitigate the effects of social isolation, loneliness and boredom, 360in360 technologies offers a service for individuals, communities, families, clubs and businesses to meet virtually in an immersive environment and to share that experience online. The screenshot above is from a virtual meeting that replaced a physical reunion that would have taken place at a School Old Boys Annual dinner in the town of Boston in Lincolnshire.

This virtual alternative was recorded and is available on demand on the 360in360 YouTube site at https://youtu.be/fETYUlo34nA.

The virtual cinema in Boston Grammar School Assembly Hall still shows the video of BGS Old Boy Chris Blakey’s journey across Russia as well as providing a virtual tour of parts of Boston and its Grammar School. Try this interactive tour out at https://www.360in360ix.co.uk/bgsmemories/

Click to view the immersive virtual reunion with Chris Blakey, tour of Boston and virtual cinema premiere