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There were 5 Community Radio interactive broadcasts made in 2002 as part of the Harborough Community Learning project. The Radio with Pictures breakfast radio chat show was the first use of radio broadcasting in combination with both teleconferencing and web conferencing. We had guests in the studio and literally all over the world not only being interviewed but sharing pictures via HP virtual classroom. The furthest listener was in the Arctic Circle joining us via satellite radio. The program concept was a tribute to Thomas Cook who started the package travel industry in 1842 when he was living in Market Harborough. This broadcasts were all on the theme of the impact of Information Communications Technology and were broadcast on Harborough FM (HFM) before it obtained a full-time broadcasting licence thanks to the efforts of local champions like Barry Badger.

Please contact me at david@davidwortley.com if you would like a copy of any of these broadcasts

Ben Crossley Interview

Caryll Stephen Interview

Herbert Rauch Interview

Jyoti Parikh Interview

Alan Potkin Interview

Terri Willard Interview