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The Future of Virtual Reality and Immersive Technologies

 in Medicine and Digital Therapeutics

Tuesday September 29th 14:00 BST

The use of Virtual Reality and Immersive Technologies such as 360 degree images, video and sound has proven benefits for training and education across many different sectors where a range of different enabling technologies provide an engaging platform for learning, assessment and online collaboration.

These types of educational applications are becoming increasingly important under the current COVID-19 conditions where remote working and collaboration are key.

At the same time, we are seeing the emergence of a range of new digital therapeutic applications where virtual reality is being used to address clinical and mental health problems without the use of drugs.

This webinar brings together acknowledged experts in this field to share their practical experiences of the use of these technologies in the medical sector and presentations will include examples of:-

Medical Training

Mental Health Therapies

Rehabilitation Solutions

Expert Panel

This panel of experts includes :-

Steve Dann / Shafi Ahmed of Medical Realities (UK)

Lucia Pannese of Imaginary (Italy)

Ricardo Sainz recently of Psious (Spain)

Following the panel presentations, there will be a discussion on the future challenges and opportunities for these technologies in a clinical/medical setting.

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