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Doctor Gamification's Gamified Immersive Learning Clinic - Click here to watch the Introductory Video

Doctor Gamification’s Gamified Immersive Learning Clinic

Doctor Gamification will see you now at the Gamified Immersive Learning Clinic as he challenges you to learn how to use gamification to improve learning and development outcomes.

Watch this YouTube video as Dr Gamification shares a big secret from the video games and entertainment industries that you can apply to immediately improve your learning and development outcomes. This video has been gamified to deliver different outcomes every time it is watched, especially when shared with others.

Can you identify the constituents of this gamification prescription?

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Gamified Immersive Learning Clinic


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July 7th

Serious Games Asia Gamified Immersive Learning Workshop

Archived Webinar Presentation

SGA Gamified Immersive Learning Workshop Video

July 14th

Gamified Immersive Learning for Healthcare Workshop

Tutorial Webinar

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