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Guest Lecture on 360 Degree Immersive Video at De Montfort University in Leicester

The use of 360 degree video, images and sound in virtual reality (VR) applications for education is growing rapidly because of its potential to engage, inspire and immerse students in real world experiences that would otherwise be inaccessible.

However, whilst these technologies are powerful and entertaining, they do not automatically lead to learning and development benefits. We believe that focusing on learning outcomes and understanding how to apply a combination of immersive technologies, gamification and storytelling to achieve optimum learning outcomes is critical.

I have created an example of a quiz based on a virtual tour of a museum

Our aim is to explore and share best practices for this combination of technology, storytelling and gamification through a combination of immersive content, workshops, articles and consultancy services.

For an example of how 360 degree technologies can assist in debriefing after workshop icebreaker games click here.

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