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About Us - Virtual Reality in a Victorian Classroom at the MK Museum

My life has been full of good fortune in the richness of the people I have met, places I have visited, experiences I have had, events I have been involved and the culture and history I have been exposed to.

Today, we are witnessing the dawn of a new revolution in empowering technologies in the shape of 360 video, images and sound that are rapidly maturing and becoming increasingly accessible and affordable for millions of people. It is now possible to share both live and recorded 360 degree immersive video, images and sound via the major social media sites, including Facebook and YouTube.

My only regret is that these technologies were not available when I met extraordinary people like Apollo 14 Astronaut, Ed Mitchell or when I had lunch with the inventor of the computer mouse and hypertext, Doug Engelbart or when I flew in Concord. Those moments in time are now in the past and can never be repeated.

I believe that today, these truly immersive technologies and associated communications and social media facilities present an unprecedented opportunity for me to celebrate and share the extraordinary and also to support and empower people, places and experiences to reach a global audience.

I will be developing this site and offering my services to help my clients, friends and partners to share their extraordinary lives and talents.

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