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Xmas Virtual Treasure Hunt
Rules & Registration Page

360in360 Virtual Treasure Hunt Rules & Registration Page

This interactive and immersive virtual treasure hunt is free to enter and open to everyone.

You can try out the treasure hunt without registering but to WIN PRIZES you MUST REGISTER by clicking on the Helpful Santa below.

To register for the treasure hunt, you will need to supply a name and valid email. We will send you the complete set of rules and guidelines. There will be prizes for the best scores and POINTS AWARDED for players who SHARE and/or LIKE the game on social media sites and Veer TV.

The CLOSING DATE for REGISTRATION is December 20th.

The treasure hunt will be UPDATED REGULARLY with NEW CLUES and QUESTIONS up to the closing date and individual pages can be sponsored.


The objective of the treasure hunt is to explore every virtual scene to find clues and questions about the scene. POINTS are AWARDED for every correct answer with BONUS POINTS for visiting sponsor web sites and for for players who SHARE and LIKE the treasure hunt on social media and Veer TV.

Every player who REGISTERS for the treasure hunt will be sent an email with QUESTIONS for each virtual scene. These will only be some of the questions included in the FINAL TREASURE HUNT game which can be played after registration closes on December 20th.

There will only be ONE ENTRY per registered player allowed.


In every scene there will be Icons to click on to move to the next scene, reveal questions clues and display useful information. Here are some of the most useful icons in the treasure hunt together with what they normally do. You will find examples of other icons in the opening scene.

Click here to register for the 360in360 Xmas Virtual Treasure Hunt - Helpful Santa will also be around in the treasure hunt Click on Santa and his sleigh to move to the next scene in the treasure hunt - he is the most useful navigation tool Be wary of the naughty elf in the treasure hunt - he can send you on a wild goose chase !! The DETECTIVE icon aims to give you clues to the questions in the treasure hunt - sometimes he is nearly invisible The QUESTION icon shows you a question included in the final treasure hunt - sometimes it can be nearly invisible

There will be Santa and his sleigh in every scene to show him setting off for his next location. Clicking on this icon ALWAYS moves to the next scene. Make sure you have searched for all the other clues and questions before you move to the next scene !!

The NAUGHTY ELF is very unpredictable. Often he will take you back several scenes but sometimes he can supply some useful information.

Be wary of the naughty elf

The DETECTIVE can give you useful clues to help you answer the questions on each scene. Sometimes he will be almost invisible to you really have to search to find him. If you point at him or move over his image you will know here is there.

The QUESTION does exactly what it says. Questions can be visible like the one above almost invisible like the detective. Every question you find will be included in the FINAL TREASURE HUNT

HELPFUL SANTA - Click on him to complete registration

Helpful Santa will be around on most scenes to give you some useful tips such as showing you a map of the scene location.

Once you register, you will be sent a question sheet to prepare for the FINAL TREASURE HUNT and give you a head start in answering the questions after final registration on December 20th.

SPONSORSHIP opportunities are available for every scene and these can encourage players to find out more about your organisation. Click Here to learn more about sponsorship.

Download Questions  Sheet